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PSA Virtual Region 

We are delighted to announce our first ever PSA Virtual Region event on 19 September 2023!

First time visitors to the PSA can buy a half price ticket – just £20 +VAT – for the September event.

If you’ve been to a PSA event before as a non-member, you can also buy a half price ticket, for the September event.

The discount code is provided by e-mail. Didn't get our newsletter and interested? Send us an e-mail requesting your discount code: info@psa-belgium.be

The opening ceremony of the new virtual region on the 19th of September will be an electrifying event that will mark the beginning of an exciting era for the PSA!

The atmosphere will be filled with anticipation, excitement and curiosity as attendees will log in from all corners of the UK and Ireland, this way uniting all our members within one region and most likely, from around the world, too!

To make the PSA Virtual Region launch event even more remarkable, two exceptional speakers will take the virtual stage:

Janice B Gordon will speak on How to be more bookable?

And Roger Fairhead will speak on Your Working Genius: How to show up to work happier, play well with others and be more effective!

 Their captivating presence and thought-provoking talks will certainly leave the audience spellbound. With their powerful talks and expert insights, they will paint a vivid picture of the endless possibilities for our attendees in both virtual and in-person worlds of professional speaking!

The combination of the grand opening and the inspiring speakers will surely create an unforgettable experience that will set the tone for the future of the virtual region!

Come along to celebrate the grand launch, participate, network within breakout rooms, meet wonderful people and learn from top experts – that all within one event, on the 19th of September!

Speakers & what you can learn

How to be more bookable?

As a speaker, how often do you get booked? And how often are you getting rebooked again and again?

As a speaker, the frequency of getting booked can vary depending on various factors such as the demand for your expertise, the industry you specialise in, and your reputation as a speaker. Some speakers may find themselves in high demand and receive bookings regularly, while others may have a more moderate schedule.

Those speakers that understand that the speaker’s business is a selling business will certainly get more bookings. Why?

Because speakers often sell “the what” when they should be selling the “why”. Understanding the sales relationship, as a trusted and valued resource, starts with the initial connections and conversation to lead the conversation both on and off stage.

Join us and discover how YOU can get more bookable!

From this session with Janice you will discover:

Your Working Genius

Your Working Genius: How to show up to work happier, play well with others and be more effective!

What if we could alleviate the frustration and guilt that so often undermines our wellbeing at work?

Let’s face it, we all have shortcomings we feel guilty about – aspects of our jobs we struggle with. And we tend to judge others in the same way.

What if we recognised there will always be aspects to our work that frustrate us – and other aspects we find energising?

In this session, Certified Facilitator Roger Fairhead shows us how these aspects fit into ‘The 6 Types of Working Genius’ – a framework that can transform our work, life and relationships.

 As a result of Roger’s talk you will get better understanding of: