Build your business as a speaker

- PSA Belgium -

Build your business as a speaker. 10/05/2023



Speaker, Leader: Tom Commeine

Build your business as a speaker. 

Idea's, tips & tricks, to build your business as a speaker

We are delighted to invite you to an exclusive Masterclass on "Build your business as a speaker". It's gonna be an interactive masterclass via Zoom. 

It's free to attend for members, candidate members and first timers. 

You'll learn the 10 most common reasons why people attend events.

You'll learn what most of the famous speakers in the world have in common.

You'll discover the Brand Business Propellor.

You'll uncover inspirational websites and how to tell a compelling story.

The art of attracting attention is important for speakers.

How to do this?

All of this and much more will be unveiled to you in this masterclass. Make sure you attend.

Date: 10/05/2023

Start Masterclass: 20:00

End of Masterclass: 21:30