Unveiling the Truth About Migration: An Eye Opening Evening with Sylvie Micholt

Join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking evening as we delve into the realities of migration with esteemed speaker Sylvie Micholt, a distinguished member of PSA Belgium.

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🎤 Sylvie Micholt

With a remarkable career spanning 18 years as an independent lawyer and now as a legal expert at the Flemish Government, Sylvie brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Her transition to the public sector has not only broadened her perspective but also deepened her commitment to championing the rights of ordinary individuals.

Topic: An Eye-Opening Exploration on migration

Prepare to have your perceptions challenged and your eyes opened to the truth about migration. In an era where media narratives often distort reality, Sylvie will shine a light on the untold stories and dispel common misconceptions surrounding this complex issue: migrants and migration.

What to Expect:

Insightful Discourse: Gain a deeper understanding of who the majority of migrants are, where they come from and why they migrate; reflected to the migration laws and regulations, and reflected to the media, informed by Sylvie's extensive international experience.

Controversial Perspectives: Brace yourself for a stimulating discussion that tackles controversial topics head-on, offering fresh insights and challenging the status quo.

Relevance to YOU: Whether you're a speaker navigating diverse cultures and opinions, a politician seeking deeper insight on the topic, or a CEO or HR manager facing recruitment challenges and complexities in hiring from abroad, this event is for you. 

This event offers invaluable insights, including how to discern truth from falsehood, to shape your approach to migrant issues.

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Join us for an evening that promises to challenge your perspectives, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire action. Together, let's uncover the truth about migration and pave the way for a more inclusive future.