13 sept 2023

How to Inspire and Generate Resonance As A Speaker

This event was again amazing. Thank you CJ NG for sharing all your knowledge. 👏


If you want to inspire people with your words, you need to generate resonance. Resonance is the ability to create a bond with your audience and to influence them to embrace your message. It’s not something that you can fake. It requires careful preparation and delivery.

Key Takeaways:

About C.J.

C.J. is a world-class sales, leadership and experiential learning coach and facilitator who has helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in sales profits in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. He’s the Singapore Chapter lead for the International Association of Coaches, and formerly a Board of Director Member of the Suzhou European Association.

He’s the author of “Winning the B2B Sale in China”, which is available on Amazon, and “Sales-Map”, a scenario-based sales proficiency assessment. He is a member of the Virtual Speakers Association International , Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and the Asia Professional Speakers (Singapore).