Professional Speakers Association

Interview with speaker: Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers is an osteopath, body-centred stress coach and a futurize yourself mentor. 

"I listen… to help you find the resources within to transform your healing potential and/or passion into a way of living so you can flourish in the flow of evolution in body, mind and spirit and thrive in this fast-changing world."

Interview with speaker: Eric Bauwelinc

Interpreter Consultant @ Mastervoice - Simultaneous Interpreting

My mission is to unlock global business potential with online interpreting for international organizations and speakers. I am the author of the book 'Voices from Above' on the transformation from onsite to online interpreting. I am a strong believer in human language technology to globalize business. 

Domain expertise in simultaneous interpreting solutions for small and large events, professional video remote interpreting, online language training, person-to-person interpreting and language technology.