How to present online with ease and connection

- Paul Naveau -

PSA Belgium - Speak Better Event

The different measures installed because of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic prevent live events and meetings. Both within companies and towards audiences (with potential customers?) presentations have been cancelled … or … moved online! Skype videocalls, zoom meetings, MS Teams-meetings etc. have in a few weeks time become the norm. This “new way” has a unique set of challenges. For starters, not everyone is equally tech-savy which leads to various hold-ups, this too has a learning curve. Also, we’re presenting in large groups without a clear view off everyone, and everyone is at home… you can see people stop paying attention, distracted by smartphones, children or pets, … or they’re cooking or sunbathing…

How to present online with ease and connection

In this webinar, presentation coach and designer Paul Naveau will give you the most important tips tools and ideas to make your online presentations successful.

He’ll show you a few examples you can use to capture the attention and to make yourself stand out in this new world where everyone will be presenting online. And who knows, maybe after the quarantaine … you might want to keep presenting online for at least part of your presentations…

Bio Paul

Paul's mission is to "Save good people from bad presentations". His passion is to help people present better.

With his company Paul Presents he works with dedicated entrepreneurs that want to present their message and company with impact.

This means working on all 3 aspects of presenting:

- Creating a story that convinces clients and audiences

- designing professional presentations that catch and keep the attention of the audience

- getting to the core of why you as an entrepreneur are not getting the maximum impact when you present in front of an audience

Together with his team he has crafted stories, created beautiful PowerPoints, Prezi's and Keynote's that work, and helped to have these delivered with a better connection with the audience.

Timing Tuesday 26th of May 2020 @ 19:00 CEST

  • 19:00 Welcome
  • 19:10 Paul Naveau
  • 20:45 Online networking

Venue: Zoom - meeting invitations will be send to all those registered

Attendance Fee

  • PSA Belgium or GSF member: free
  • Non member: 15€

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