New Year's Event

- Inge Denayer -


PSA Belgium New Year event

PSA Belgium invites you to the traditional New Year event with a keynote speaker and all necessary food and drinks befitting the start of our speaking year!

This year Inge Denayer will tell us why, as a speaker, we should be aware of our body. After which we will be able to discuss this and other speaking topics over diner.

Speaking doesn’t work as a speaker!

Become aware of your body ... and connect

Gain insight in the reason why connection with your audience (sometimes) doesn’t work and what your own body has to do with it.

Learn to connect with yourself, be aware of your breath and ... embrace your audience.

Bio Inge

My name is Inge Denayer and as a dancer I finally choose for joy of life! In my experienced-based workshops and lectures it’s my aim to inspire others to opt for connection with themselves and thus find joy.

Initially trained as a master in Eastern philology, I have worked for two decades in blossoming internationally oriented organisations. Both as project manager Asia-Pacific at Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and as coordinator of the English-language bachelor at the KULeuven (then HUB – EHSAL). However, depression was always lurking around the corner.

Until I started dancing again, about 11 years ago! To my surprise I could feel again the joy I had felt when dancing as a child! Fascinated by this fact, I retrained myself as a dance and movement therapist. My quest for joy of life has never stopped.

It is from this personal transformation, inspired by Eastern and Western traditions, that I started as a creative entrepreneur in 2015. Making people aware of their bodies, so that they learn to experience inner peace, en-joy and follow their inner guidance.

Timing Friday 24th of January 2020

  • 19:00 Welcome
  • 19:30 Inge Denayer
  • 21:00 New Year food & drink
  • 23:00 The end

Venue: Antwerp Business Suites, Reyndersstraat 26-30, 2000 Antwerpen

Registrations are done through this page + payment of your fee on the PSA Belgium account BE36 7360 4783 2481

Please mention “24/01/2020 + your name”.

Attendance Fee

  • Everybody: 50€