Andy Vlaeminck

Erin Meyer Charneux


Let's talk about sales!

(with Andy Vlaeminck)

Yes, even speakers should!

  • How do you grow your business ?
  • Do you meet the expectations of today’s clients and the potential clients of the future ?
  • Are you sharp and pro-active enough to face the challenges ahead ?

Let’s find out and discuss a personal approach that works for each member of the audience.

Bio Andy

Andy is a real sales animal and entrepreneur with a track record of more than 30 years. He has experience with both the agility and flexibility of small local companies, as well as with the planning, process and procedure culture of a global company.

He helps clients in different industries grow their revenues by training and coaching their sales teams. He also assists them in the development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies. Andy built and still co-owns the Belgian branch of Pepperminds, one of the biggest face-to-face marketing agencies. He also helps several ngo’s with their fundraising, with a weak spot for the gorilla’s in Congo.

Andy is a guest lecturer at the Ghent University and a passionate speaker (fluent in Dutch, English and French). Don’t expect a theoretical exposé. A session with Andy is energetic, interactive and challenging. He pushes you out of your comfort zone and flirts with conflict. His “mantra” is “goesting”.

Visual storytelling

(with Erin Meyer Charneux)

Ever wanted to do something that seemed “impossible”?

Ever been afraid to try something new because it might not work?

Ever have a burning desire to do something but not sure where to start?

Me too.

I’ve been dreaming up a ‘crazy idea’ for something I call Visual Storytelling. It involves me making a painting while telling a story - LIVE. It’s not just my story though, it’s your story too. You, the participants, get to help me create this painting by sharing your stories, your “impossible” dreams, your missteps, and your experiences. And since this is a PSA meeting, yes, you guessed it, we’ll be talking about our experiences as professional speakers.


Because through sharing we learn from one another. Because when we can see words represented on canvas, our stories made tangible through paint and movement, we gain a perspective unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

Maybe it won’t work at all…. Honestly, I’m a bit terrified of the whole thing. But this crazy idea has been pestering me for almost a year now, waking me up at night, sweeping me off my feet at the most unexpected moments. I need to try this out. And who better to try out a new speaking idea with than a group of professional speakers? (Hmmmm…is THAT a crazy idea? Well, at least you’ve been forewarned. Great success or complete flop? We’ll see. Hope you’ll come experiment with me!)

Bio Erin

  • Name? Erin Meyer Charneux
  • Title? Artist. Speaker. Author.
  • Book? D-Day Lessons for Today: How to Create Your Future History
  • Origin? Native Texan. Naturalized Belgian.
  • Biggest challenge? Managing proliferous idea factory constantly churning in my head.
  • Proudest achievement? My four kids.
  • Favorite color? ALL of them (except beige).
  • Favorite thing to do? Laugh.
  • Motto? Experiment with life. It’s worth the experience!
  • Website? www.erinmeyercharneux.com
  • Instagram? experimentsontheedge


In addition to the above sessions, we want to put our members on stage. Are you working on a new keynote? Want to do a try-out and receive valuable feedback from peers?

We will allocate a 20 minute slot for one member who wants to take this opportunity. If you are interested in this a speaking-slot, send a mail to Steven Vandenabeele with your request.

Timing Saturday 15th of December 2018

  • 08:30 Welcome + breakfast
  • 09:00 Andy Vlaeminck - Let's talk about sales
  • 10:45 Pause
  • 11:00 Erin Meyer - Visual Storytelling
  • 12:00 Peer-to-peer
  • 13:00 The End

Venue: Coworking Les Galeries – Gallerie du Roi 30, 1050 Brussels

Registrations are done through this page + payment of your fee on the PSA Belgium account BE36 7360 4783 2481 (new bank account – please update your bank records).

Please mention “15/12/2018 + your name”.

Attendance Fee

  • Members PSA Belgium/GSF and first-timers: 25€
  • Non-members or as of 2nd attendance: 95€