Professional Speakers Association

About PSA - Professional Speakers Association Belgium

Everyone interested in the spoken word is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a hobbyist… but being ‘driven’ is a must! PSA Belgium is the Belgian chapter of the worldwide speakers organisation Global Speakers Federation (GSF - 


PSA Belgium offers a platform where passionate and professional speakers connect,  grow and perform to become proficient.


To be the hotspot for passionate and professional speakers and their customers.




Elevating excellence

Abundant generosity



Being a part of VSAI and the GSF, our goal is also to support speakers from Belgium “all over the world”. To unite them, to support them and empower them to grow.

Since the establishment of PSA Belgium, we are giving Belgian speakers a voice on the international level of the GSF. This means that our speakers are welcome at both regional and international meetings, trainings, exchange programs and most importantly … the conventions!

On this website you will discover our core activity: the regular organisation of local events by and for speakers. We invite speakers on stage to share their story and expertise in a way that benefits other speakers and their speaking business. We have a close cooperation with PSA Holland, improving our action radius in the whole dutch speaking area.

Welcome to PSA Belgium!