Style for the stage

- Diane Salkiewicz -

Style for the stage

Who is your character? What is your story?

In movies, television or theatre, the costume designer has a highly creative task to undertake. Not only do they have to create outfits that the actors wear, but they create the style and persona of that character. On top of that, costumes often move the story along. As you see the character change, the clothing might change color or have more softness or be more severe. In life you are effectively creating your own character complete with costume changes. When you are giving a presentation, you are showing a character to a specific audience and helping to move the story of your presentation by giving yourself credibility and authority. When you are speaking about your passion, your clothing and character represent you and what you are speaking about. When these are combined, authenticity is achieved.

However, many speakers and trainers struggle to find their “character” or personal style and best fit. Learning what works for you and what also conveys your message are the foundation of a speaker’s wardrobe, especially for entrepreneurs building their brand.

This workshop is called Style for the Stage. It is a career styling workshop specifically for speakers or those who give presentations. I believe that regardless of your career there are fundamental attributes of fashion including personal style, lifestyle, body type, fit and creating balance for the eye. When you have a wardrobe that includes these as foundations, choosing what to wear for a speaking occasion becomes more straightforward: you can focus on understanding your audience and conveying your message through your clothing.

In this workshop, Style for the Stage, you will leave with keys to determine:

- An understanding of your personal style

- How what you wear can match your lifestyle, topic and audience

- What is your body type and how to create balance

- What does proper fit mean

- How to create a week’s worth of outfits for traveling and conferences

- The tips and tricks that top speakers use when choosing their outfits

Feeling good and looking good are key to having confidence in front of others. Conveying your message effectively is the goal. Your style on stage can help make this happen. Join us for a fun and fashionable morning. Hope to see you there!

Bio Diane

Diane Salkiewicz delivers inspiring and interactive workshops with actionable takeaways that help participants discover how they can make fashion work for them.

She has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry in New York City. Diane holds a degree in Fashion Design from top fashion design school, Parsons School of Design and established her career in visual merchandising through several prominent U.S. retailers.

In 2018 Diane founded her wardrobe consultancy, THE CLOSET MERCHANT. While working in the fashion industry she saw women confronted with boundless options to buy more, yet very little understanding of how those items would actually work in their wardrobes. Through her business, Diane helps women see what is possible with what they already own creating sustainability within the fashion industry through the consumers themselves.

Diane believes in quality, beauty, and clearing through the clutter to find what really works, so that her clients can spend their time on what is important to them and look great doing it. She relocated to Antwerp after finding love and is continuing to provide services and trainings here in Belgium.

Speakers' corner - peer advice

One of our members will get the stage to explain his current speaking career and get advice from peers. Interested members can apply by sending a mail.

And of course, all present can learn from the shared advice.

Co-creating PSA Belgium

Going more professional is still our main target. Following the brainstorm in October last year, it is time for the next steps. Let's shape the future of PSA Belgium together.

Timing Saturday 4th of May 2019

  • 08:30 Welcome + breakfast
  • 09:00 Diane Salkiewicz - Style for the stage
  • 11:00 Pause
  • 11:15 Speakers' corner - peer advice
  • 11:45 Co-creating PSA Belgium
  • 13:00 The End

Venue: Coworking Les Galeries – Gallerie du Roi 30, 1050 Brussels

Registrations are done through this page + payment of your fee on the PSA Belgium account BE36 7360 4783 2481

Please mention “4/05/2019 + your name”.

Attendance Fee

  • Members PSA Belgium/GSF and first-timers: 25€
  • Non-members or as of 2nd attendance: 95€