Change and PSA Belgium

- Bernard Moerman -

Change and PSA Belgium

"Don't ask what PSA can do for you, Ask what you can do for PSA Belgium"

- We talk and write books about Change since more then 50 years, so why is Change now urgent and disruptive

- Where is "Change" coming in the business of public speakers

- What can we do to make PSA Belgium your helpful platform to grow your business and adjust to new idea's and needs

Bio Bernard

For Bernard, Change is a logic part of life. As an independant entrepreneur Bernard brings more then 40 years of experience in personal development in competitive environments.

Bernard’s constant hunger to understand the impact of new “things” and his mental readiness to adapt to these novelties continue to provide him with the energy to consult, coach, teach, train and speak about “Why” and “How “ to Change on a personal, organisation or company-level.

His field-experience from working with people in competitive environments in Europe, USA, Bahrein and China did broaden his vision.

As an “Ex-Internet-early-adaptor “ (early 90’s) Bernard lives a “Déjà-vu” today, regarding how we are hesitant for most changes today..

Through life-time-experienced stories Bernard brings, in his particular authentic way and very recognazible, the sence of urgency and the potential of Change.

Speakers' corner - peer advice

One of our members will get the stage to explain his current speaking career and get advice from peers. Interested members can apply by sending a mail.

And of course, all present can learn from the shared advice.

General Assembly

Members yearly General Assembly to define the 2020 PSA Belgium year.

Timing Saturday 16th of November 2019

  • 08:30 Welcome + breakfast
  • 09:00 Bernard Moerman - Change and PSA Belgium
  • 11:00 Pause
  • 11:15 Speakers' corner - peer advice
  • 11:45 General Assembly PSA Belgium
  • 13:00 The End

Venue: Coworking Les Galeries – Gallerie du Roi 30, 1050 Brussels

Registrations are done through this page + payment of your fee on the PSA Belgium account BE36 7360 4783 2481

Please mention “16/11/2019 + your name”.

Attendance Fee

  • Members PSA Belgium/GSF and first-timers: 25€
  • Non-members or as of 2nd attendance: 95€