Master Mind 'Virtual speaking'

- Alan Stevens -

PSA Belgium - Speak Better Event

There's only so much titles one can bestow on a speaker, Alan Stevens combines a number of them. FPSA, PSAE, Global Speaking Fellow, MCIPR... a testimony to an established speaker, member of PSA UK. By the way, he's also a past-president of the Global Speakers Association. :)

Needless to say, with Alan we're talking about one of the big ones in the speaking world.

On Wednesday 14th October 2020 he will be our guide in virtual speaking.

Virtual speaking

Alan will share some knowledge nuggets about virtual speaking and, more importantly, we are allowed to pick his brain in the following Master Mind.

This will be a group session moderated by an expert in the field of virtual speaking. Want to get better? Prepare all your questions and register for this online event!

Bio Alan

Alan took the time and effort to put his bio online.

Have a look!

Timing Wednesday 14th of October 2020 @ 19:00 CEST

  • 19:00 Welcome

  • 19:10 Alan Stevens

  • 20:45 Online networking

Venue: Zoom - meeting invitations will be send to all those registered and paid (if applicable).

Attendance Fee

  • PSA Belgium or GSF member: free

  • Non member: 15€

Registrations are done through this page + payment of your fee (if applicable) on the PSA Belgium account.

BIC: KREDBEBB / IBAN: BE36 7360 4783 2481

Please mention “14/10/2020 + your name”.

Important: in order to receive the link, your payment must reach us before the event.