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Tom Meyers is an Osteopath D.O., Stress-Coach, writer and visionary in the field of health and well-being. He runs a private health practice in Brussels and travels on a regular basis to give presentations on the topic of ‘Understanding and Managing Stress’ and workshops on the ‘Reaset Approach’. His presentation differ from most others as he addresses the topic of stress from a body-mind perspective and substantiates this with scientific research, and professional insights gained as an osteopath specialised in helping people who have stress related ailments. His credo is that understanding the body-mind link is the key to managing your health, keeping your cool in times of stress but also to improve creativity and productivity. His experience and professional insights have led him to the development of the ‘Reaset Approach’, a novel body-mind healing approach and educational system.

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Tom gives interactive presentations around the topics: ‘Understanding & managing stress and/or burnout, ‘health in times of change’ and ‘matter over mind aspects of health and healing.’ His presentations are a based on scientific facts but translated into human language and are always with inspiring and thought provoking. His his presentations are worth listening too, and Tom's passion for his job and this topic is overwhelming. ⊙⊙⊙ Understanding & Managing Stress: To prevent stress from becoming a nuisance it is essential to understand what stress is. When the biology of stress is understood the audience will grasp that stress itself is a symptom of a detrimental conflict between our biology and the fast changing environment/culture we live in. Thus the audience is empowered by knowledge and asked to come up with solutions and share these so all can learn. ⊙⊙⊙ Stress: When Culture and Biology Collide: Stress is a symptom of an increasing conflict between culture and our biology that hasn't had the time to evolve and adapt to the environment. insights are given into the various aspects of this conflict which gives food for thought for effective (epigentic) solutions. ⊙⊙⊙ Understanding & Preventing Burnout: What is burnout s addressed from a biological (body-mind) perspective, an often underestimated and overlooked aspect in effective preventive and treatment strategies for burnout. ⊙⊙⊙ Health in times of change: Do you know that too much change or chronic change can be detrimental to your health? Do you know that employees who moved country to work for your organisation are 70% more likely to fall ill due to the neglected impact the environmental changes have on for example their immune and musculoskeletal system? In this presentation insights in this phenomenon are presented and solutions discussed.

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Books: The effect of the Reaset Approach, Reaset: The return of Ease (free eBook). Articles: “This is no Joke”: Stress in the Deeper Future (TEDx interview); The pursuit of happiness; The world is a reflection of you; Stress is a pain in the neck (Together Magazine and RadioX).